Feature Flagging

De-risk Releases with Easy Feature Flags

Control application behavior without deploying new code.

GrowthBook supports 100 billion+ feature flag lookups per day

Easily Implement New Features

Configure new features with a user-friendly interface in minutes.

Import Existing Feature Flags

Easily migrate and manage all your feature flags in one central location.

Quickly Convert Feature Flags into Experiments

With GrowthBook, you can turn any feature release into an A/B test. This allows you to measure the impact of the feature—or even multiple code changes—on your key metrics.

By making experimentation easy and accessible, you’ll encourage a culture of data-driven decision-making across your organization.

Effortless Feature Control

Four Feature Types

GrowthBook supports four types of features: boolean, number, string and JSON.

Granular Targeting

Target traffic based on attributes, conditions, saved groups and namespaces.

Feature Scheduling

Set features to turn on and off at a specific date and time—perfect for special promos.

Stale Feature Detection

We highlight inactive features to help keep your ecosystem clean and efficient.

Simulate & Preview Changes

Use GrowthBook’s powerful Chrome Extension to preview how features appear based on user attributes.

Enjoy unlimited experiments for unlimited traffic. All for free.

No credit card required

Easily measure the success of your products while minimizing engineering and data resources.

Pat McGee
Principal Engineer, GoodDog
"GrowthBook checked all my boxes. The fact that it just queries our data warehouse means we can set up much more sophisticated metrics that are based on tables our data team has built with DBT instead of being tied to just querying raw event data."
Roger Pedroso
Head of Software Engineering, Newfold
"Our LATAM team is really enjoying GrowthBook. We migrated all the feature toggles from Optimizely and everything is working fine."
Alexander Harmsen
CEO & Founder, Global Predictions
"We've been using the product over the last month to run a few dozen tests and have already increased our overall funnel conversion by about 54%!"