Open source A/B testing & feature flagging

GrowthBook helps companies make smarter data-driven decisions using controlled experiments.

Custom in-house A/B testing without the work

Flexible data sources

Pull metrics and data from wherever you’re currently storing them. You maintain control of your data and avoid vendor lock-in.

Tools your teams will love

GrowthBook includes a full suite of tools that Data, Engineering, and Product teams love.

Fully-featured A/B testing

GrowthBook supports experimentation with deep code integration using SDKs and/or feature flagging, or using a visual front-end editor. We are built for data, product, and engineering teams.

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Integrates with your existing data warehouse or data source

GrowthBook reads from your existing data warehouse, data lake, or analytics tool. We even support aggregating data from multiple sources. Whatever your current data infrastructure, you can use GrowthBook to calculate metrics and analyze experiment results. And no sending data to 3rd parties — Keep control of your data.

Create a data-driven culture for growth

Manage, grow, and learn from your A/B testing with our suite of tools built for conducting proper split tests. Set hypotheses, track results, draw conclusions, and learn as a team. GrowthBook is optimized for creating continuous experimentation so you can maximize your growth potential.

Built for continuous experimentation and iteration

Successful companies A/B test, very successful companies A/B test a lot. GrowthBook is optimized for continuous testing and soliciting of new ideas.

Data visibility

No more mysteries around what the platform is doing. All the queries for all the data shown is made easily available for further analysis.

Better prioritization

Maximize your A/B testing potential by using real data to help prioritize A/B test ideas. GrowthBook gives you an objective score of the likely impact of the test, as well as test duration and sample sizes.

Collaborate to uncover and record insights

Leverage tests for future growth and time saving by recording best practices and knowledge gained. Discussions, context, and questions that spark future tests are recorded.

A/B testing done right

  • Support for advanced metric types, including revenue
  • Accurate use of statistics and sanity checks mean results you can trust
  • Data and queries are visible - no black boxes
  • Hypothesis-based testing
  • Collaborative discussions
  • Great UX and fast setup ( ~2 minutes)
  • Guard rails to inform you when tests are implemented incorrectly
  • Collect learnings and new hypotheses
  • Automatic presentations on results
  • GrowthBook of past tests to share with your team

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