Version 1.8 released.
Version 1.8 released. Join the GrowthBook team Thursday as we demo the latest features and answer your questions.
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Deliver Impactful Software

Open source platform for stress free deployments, measured impact, and smarter decisions.

Feature flaggingA/B testingData flexibility

The #1 open source feature flagging and experimentation platform

Release confidently

Decouple releases from deployments with feature flags. Our lightweight SDKs for client-side, server-side, and mobile are built for extreme speed, flexibility, and security.

Be data-driven

Knowing the impact of the changes you make allows you to double down on what is working and accelerate your growth. GrowthBook lets you easily measure the success of feature and product launches without data or engineering resources.

Work the way you want

GrowthBook is a modular platform that adapts to your needs.  Use GrowthBook as a full-stack experimentation platform, a feature flagging tool for engineering, or an analysis engine for data teams.

We work with your data

GrowthBook works with your data where it already lives, allowing you to maintain control, increase privacy and security, and avoid vendor lock-in. We're integrated with all major SQL data sources, plus tools like Mixpanel and Google Analytics, so you can start building feature flags and running experiments with just a few clicks.

For Engineering, Data, and Product Teams

GrowthBook keeps all teams happy. SDKs that are built by devs for devs, transparency and automations that data teams love, and an easy-to-use interface that gives PMs super powers.

SDKs For Developers

We speak your language

With a host of SDKs, and more on the way, GrowthBook is easy to work with in any stack. Our lightweight, high performance SDKs make it a joy to develop. See our SDKs here.

DatA Teams

Enterprise class experimentation

A robust Bayesian statistic engine and configurable metric library means you can customize GrowthBook to exactly match your needs.

Product Teams

Self-Service Platform

Teams can deploy new features, target roll outs, and deploy new A/B tests all from an easy to use platform.

DAta Exploration

Dig deeper without the work

GrowthBook automates the hard parts of experimentation analysis, without being a black box.  Slice and dice results, access the raw SQL, and export to Jupyter notebooks if you need to go even deeper!

Create a single source of truth

No need to send data to yet another 3rd party tool. GrowthBook works with your data where it currently lives.

No performance impact

Built to be extremely high performance, GrowthBook is never required to be in the critical rendering path of your app. Local processing means no flickering or blocking.

Learn & iterate faster

Built to make your experimentation program successful, we include all the tools to you need to launch quickly, learn and iterate.

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