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Our pricing plans are seat-based, designed to support organization-wide experimentation.

Seat-based Pricing

Our per-seat pricing plans scale with your team size so you never need to worry about unpredictable volume-based pricing.

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Test GrowthBook with your existing tech stack. Sign up for a free 14-day trial of Pro, or choose our free cloud or self-hosted option.

Don’t Pay Twice for Your Data

GrowthBook is warehouse native. Your data stays where it lives, providing a consolidated view with no additional hosting fees.

Built for Teams

Promote a culture of experimentation across your organization.


Dramatically reduce load times with our open source SDKs and use our intuitive API.


Deploy new features, target roll outs, and run new A/B tests all from our easy-to-use platform.

Data Science

Customize GrowthBook to exactly match your needs.


Run A/B tests on your website without code changes or reliance on engineering resources.

Easily measure the success of your products while minimizing engineering and data resources.

Pat McGee
Principal Engineer, GoodDog
"GrowthBook checked all my boxes. The fact that it just queries our data warehouse means we can set up much more sophisticated metrics that are based on tables our data team has built with DBT instead of being tied to just querying raw event data."
Roger Pedroso
Head of Software Engineering, Newfold
"Our LATAM team is really enjoying GrowthBook. We migrated all the feature toggles from Optimizely and everything is working fine."
Alexander Harmsen
CEO & Founder, Global Predictions
"We've been using the product over the last month to run a few dozen tests and have already increased our overall funnel conversion by about 54%!"

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