Break Free from Experimentation Limits

Grow an optimization culture that encourages fearless learning. Run unlimited A/B tests, manage linked feature flags, and use no-code tools. Do more with your data—without penalty.

Run Unlimited New Experiments Simultaneously

Choose from three flexible experiment types, including two no-code options.

Linked Feature Flags

Modify source code from within GrowthBook for easy server-side A/B Testing.

Visual Editor

Optimize messaging, button colors and other UI elements without waiting on developers.

URL Redirects

Orchestrate seamless experiments across marketing touchpoints—without engaging your IT team.

Analyze Existing Experiments

Unlock hidden insights from your data

Connect to Your Data

GrowthBook is warehouse native—it works with your data where it already lives, allowing you to maintain control and avoid vendor lock-in. We're integrated with all major SQL data sources, plus tools like Mixpanel and Google Analytics.

Build Out Your Metric Library

GrowthBook takes the sting out of migrating hundreds of metrics to your new experimentation platform. With GrowthBook, a couple of lines of SQL is all it takes to write a metric to your exact specifications.

Add Metrics Retroactively

GrowthBook allows you to add metrics to past experiments. Now you can capture new insights without running a new experiment.

Manage the Experiment Lifecycle from a Centralized Hub


Align your team's efforts around a clearly written hypothesis statement for each experiment. Easily reference statements as catalysts for new ideas.
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Select your experiment type. Use existing feature flags or choose one of our no-code options, like the Visual Editor and URL Redirects. Free up developer time and empower your Product and Marketing teams to experiment independently.
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Track key metrics and gain insights into user behavior with customizable dashboards and reports. Drill down for deeper analysis.
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Automatically collect experiment results into a presentation format for easy sharing and viewing across your team. Highlight comparative views of variations, call out primary metrics and keep data effortlessly in sync.
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Harness the Power of Granular Targeting

Target the Right Users

Define precise targeting rules based on various user attributes.

Build & Apply Complex Rules

Combine different attribute values using intuitive logic operators.

Organize & Reuse

Simplify experiment management with features like projects, namespaces and saved groups.

Prerequisite Targeting

Ensure specific conditions are met before users experience an experiment variation.

Enjoy unlimited experiments for unlimited traffic. All for free.

No credit card required

Easily measure the success of your products while minimizing engineering and data resources.

Pat McGee
Principal Engineer, GoodDog
"GrowthBook checked all my boxes. The fact that it just queries our data warehouse means we can set up much more sophisticated metrics that are based on tables our data team has built with DBT instead of being tied to just querying raw event data."
Roger Pedroso
Head of Software Engineering, Newfold
"Our LATAM team is really enjoying GrowthBook. We migrated all the feature toggles from Optimizely and everything is working fine."
Alexander Harmsen
CEO & Founder, Global Predictions
"We've been using the product over the last month to run a few dozen tests and have already increased our overall funnel conversion by about 54%!"