Version 1.8 released.
Version 1.8 released. Join the GrowthBook team Thursday as we demo the latest features and answer your questions.
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Our mission

We are building the tools to help companies be more successful

We build products for developers, data teams, and product managers that help them launch products and measure their impact with their own data.

Companies spend thousands of hours building internal tools for feature flagging and experimentation (A/B testing). They do this in part because they want to run these systems on their own infrastructure, using their own data, and have them deeply integrated into their code.

GrowthBook gives data, engineering, and product teams the power of a customizable platform without needing to build it themselves.

What is GrowthBook?

GrowthBook is a modern open-source platform for feature flagging and A/B testing built for data teams, engineers, and product managers. We help companies analyze experiment results and make it easier to deploy code.

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Design Philosophy


GrowthBook's open-source platform was first launched in 2021 as an experimentation platform that worked against your existing data sources. Soon after we add feature flagging, as A/B testing and feature flagging are a natural combination. We are currently the most popular open source feature flagging and experimentation platform, deployed in large enterprises and small startups and everywhere in between.

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Who we are

Founded by Graham McNicoll and Jeremy Dorn, GrowthBook is built by a global team of some of the best software engineers and data scientists around. Our passion for quality code is evident in the product, and since we are open source, you’re welcome to look for yourself. The team has experience building enterprise grade experimentation software for companies like Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook.

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