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GrowthBook’s mission is to make a better A/B testing platform. A/B testing is critical for companies to achieve a high level of growth. All current tools all have limitations, whether it’s too hard to integrate, limited source of data, misleading statistics, limited metric types, or just too expensive (or sometimes, all of the above). Many companies build tools in-house to solve these problems, and this is why we built GrowthBook; the open source in-house experimentation platform as a service.

GrowthBook was founded by Graham and Jeremy, two engineering and product leaders who worked together for many years growing a successful startup to serve millions of users. They have extensive experience building and running growth teams and establishing best practices around an experimentation culture. They've used all the tools out there, and built their own. The biggest transformation, they realized, was adopting A/B testing into product development process, and using this data to drive decision-making.

Almost all larger, sophisticated companies will build their own testing platforms, but this is very expensive and requires expertise that is hard to find. With the lack of great tools, many companies abandon or scale back A/B testing. Often they lose trust in the results, don't see actual changes in overall numbers, or tests are too slow or expensive to implement.

GrowthBook is the internal experimentation platform that you don't have to build. We are built for real product and data teams to have a testing platform that works for their data needs (ie, not locked into one vendor or data source), and for creating a culture where experimentation is embraced and insights are leveraged for the long term, beyond the specific tests themselves.

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