GrowthBook is more than just an experimentation platform—it's a philosophy. 

We believe in empowering your team to experiment boldly and confidently, knowing your data is secure and accessible. Take control of your experimentation journey with GrowthBook.

Our Philosophy

Open source promotes trust. Complete data transparency leads to better product decisions.

Feature Flags are the best way to launch features

A/B testing is the best way to measure impact

Keep your data where it already lives

Data must be trustworthy to guide good decisions

Platform speed is paramount to experiment quality

Incremental experiment costs should be close to $0


GrowthBook was born when our founders, Jeremy and Graham, hit the limits of costly third-party A/B testing tools. 

  • They couldn’t use their actual data—the tools required proxy metrics
  • They couldn’t reproduce the results they received—data remained trapped in a blackbox
  • They couldn’t experiment freely—licensing and usage fees discouraged running enough tests
Coming from backgrounds in education, they knew rapid testing and "failing fast" led to accelerated learning. They envisioned an open platform embracing that iterative mindset.

After building their own in-house solution, they realized most companies lacked the resources to do the same. They launched the open-source GrowthBook experimentation platform in 2021 to empower the broader community.
Rapid Growth

Launched in 2021, GrowthBook powers experimentation efforts for thousands of top companies.

Since launching, GrowthBook has had rapid growth and now is powering features and experiments at thousands of companies, from startups to large enterprises. GrowthBook is backed by top  venture capital companies, including Y Combinator and Khosla Ventures

The passionate global community has contributed to making GrowthBook the #1 open-source experimentation platform with over 5,300 GitHub stars.

GrowthBook is backed by:

Helping You Turn your Ideas Into Insights

Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making
Your team can innovate quickly by removing friction from the experimentation process. Our integrated platform provides the flexible tools each role needs to run productive tests without dependencies or delays holding you back.

You can manage hundreds of experiments from one intuitive interface—ensuring collaboration without losing track of learnings across your organization.

Because we’re open source, you can create customizations that suit your infrastructure and unique needs rather than being constrained to off-the-shelf proprietary solutions.
Our warehouse-native architecture keeps your feature flagging data securely in your systems. This tight integration empowers you to trust insights and accurately measure impact across activities. After all, it is your data.

We want to inspire a culture of experimentation across roles by eliminating obstacles that limit an organization’s potential. We wholeheartedly believe experimentation should fuel creativity, not stifle it. Our platform and community reflect that.

Ultimately, we envision a future where experimentation is tightly integrated into the core of every great product. 

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