GrowthBook for Product Teams

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GrowthBook allows you to separate code deployment from feature release with our feature flagging features. We also make it easy to make experiments from any flagged product.

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Best Practices

Best practices learned from the world’s best experimentation teams like Netflix, AirBnB, Pinterest, Bing, etc.

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Feature Flagging

Decouple code deployment from feature release.

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De-risk Rollouts

Rollout to targeted groups, and adjust options, and monitor performance.

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Grow Faster

Test better ideas more frequently. We help your team prioritize using real data.

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Engineers Love Us

Our lightweight, high performance SDKs make it a joy to develop.

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Easy Documentation

No one likes writing documentation, so we made it easy to keep track of ideas, results, and insights. Quickly search for duplicative ideas, and accelerate onboarding of new team members

High Performance Feature Flagging

PMs get complete control over which users see which features without writing code or bothering the engineering team. Plus, there's full markdown support and screenshot uploads to keep everything documented and organized.

Data driven decision making

Knowing the impact of the changes you make allows you to focus on what is working which can transform your business. GrowthBook is built to help you to easily measure the success of the products you launch while minimizing engineering and data resources.

Test against your real metrics

GrowthBook allows you to directly measure impacts on the metrics you care about, including conversion rates, SEO metrics, and revenue.

Optimize success

Very successful companies have realized that rapid and constant experimentation is key to their growth. GrowthBook is optimized for continuous testing and soliciting of new ideas.

Unlike other experimentation platforms, GrowthBook does not charge more the more you test. We want you to be successful, and to do that you should run a lot of tests. GrowthBook is the fully customizable A/B testing platform that you would build in house, without the time and cost of building and maintaining one.

Capture Institutional Knowledge

Build and record institutional knowledge about your experimentation program to accelerate onboarding and de-risk turnover. GrowthBook optimizes for recording discussion and context around the experiments.

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