GrowthBook for Growth Teams

Manage and accelerate your experimentation program

Experimentation is a critical part of any successful growth team. Based on the best practices from top companies, Growth Book has the tools to help you accelerate your results.

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Integrated best practices

Best practices learned from the world’s best experimentation teams like AirBnB, Pinterest, Bing, etc.

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Easy documenation

No one likes writing documentation, so we made it easy to keep track of ideas, results, and insights. Quickly search for duplicative ideas, and accellerate onboarding of new team members

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Increase testing velocity

Simplified forms lower barriers for new ideas. We support multiple ways to enable experiments.

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Understandable statistics

Uses an advanced Bayesian statistics engine

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Objectively Prioritize

GrowthBook has tools to help you find the best ideas.

Democratize experimentation

Good ideas are critical to having good experiment results. GrowthBook can open idea submission to your entire company and makes it easy to share experiment reviews widely with automatic presentations. Our Slack integrations lowers the bar for soliciting new ideas and discussing results. Results are easily browsable with easy to understand statistics, and manually interpreted experiment results.

Increase your testing velocity

Successful growth teams are testing a lot, and are good at using past tests to inspire future experiments. GrowthBook encourages an experimentation culture where tests are easily shared used to inspire new ideas. We also have a flexible array of implementation methods that allows for small text changes all the way to large redesigns. We even have a visual experiment editor so no engineering is required.

Objectively Prioritize

Existing prioritization frameworks are all entirely subjective. GrowthBook uses your real data to help you objectively prioritize experiment ideas. Our Impact Score shows the projected duration, traffic, number of conversions per day, and an aggrate score of it's impact. You can only run so many tests, and with GrowthBook, you can maximize the chances of successful results.

Keep track of experiments, results and insights

No need to create a separate document of experiment results. GrowthBook acts as a source of truth for your experimentation program, with observations, hypotheses, discussions, and results. All experiments are sortable by tags, and highly searchable.

In the course of testing, you’re likely to notice certain trends and insights about your users. GrowthBook allows you to capture insights and keep track of which experiments support them. Future projects can use these insights to make sure they leverage your past work. These insights, results and conclusions can be used to accelerate onboarding and de-risk departures.

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