GrowthBook, Built for Engineering Teams

GrowthBook's open source feature flagging and experimentation are built by developers for developers.

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Built the way you would build it

We built GrowthBook based on years of building and using similar platforms. The GrowthBook feature flagging and A/B testing platform is modular so it can you it the way you want to. We architected the system with great care and insist on the highest standards so you don't have to worry about your infrastructure causing performance problems.

  • No 3rd party calls
    GrowthBook is lightweight and fast, and never required in the critical rendering path of your app.
  • High performance
    flags are served from a JSON file which are evaluated locally, and can be cached or served from your own infra
  • Use existing data
    Uses your existing event tracking system and data warehouse, so no PII leaves your servers
  • Lightweight SDKs
    We have light weight open source SDKs in many languages, including Javascript, TypeScript, React, Python, Java, Kotlin, iOS, Go, and more

Painless deploys

GrowthBook makes it easy to deploy code, and monitor the release with real time usage logs.

Awesome developer tools

Developing A/B tests can be a pain to test and debug all the feature rules, variations and interactions. With our developer tool, you can easily see what features are active, how the rules were evaluated, and even switch variations of A/B tests.

Built for modern tech

GrowthBook was designed from the ground up to work with modern technology stacks, and works great with React, SSR, SPAs, NextJS, Static Site Generators, and more.