GrowthBook for Engineering Teams

Your in-house experimentation platform without the work.

GrowthBook is a fully customizable A/B testing platform engineered to the highest standards so you can focus on building your product.

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Integrated best practices

Best practices learned from the world’s best experimentation teams like AirBnB, Pinterest, Bing, etc.

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Open Source SDKs

Our SDK is open source and available in Javascript, Python, PHP, and Ruby. API for other languages.

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Use existing data

Uses your existing event tracking system and data warehouse

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Trustworthy statistics

Uses an advanced Bayesian statistics engine

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High performance

No impact on page load speed or UX

Test the way you want to

Anywhere you can receive data, you can run tests against it, whether it be email, mobile apps, or websites. We even support multiple data sources if you have metrics stored in different places.

GrowthBook is designed to for flexibility, so you can run experiments on the backend or front end. We also have a visual DOM editor for when you want to quickly run a test without writing code.

A developer centered product

Built by developers for developers. We’re built to support experimentation with the latest technologies, including React, SSR, SPAs, and Static Site Generators. Easy integration and no blocking dependencies. We have Open Source SDKs in Javascript, Python, PHP, and Ruby. No performance impact.

The experimentation configurations and states are loaded through a cacheable API call. The optional GrowthBook SDK allows for easy bucketing and segmentation of your users. Behaviour, events, and conversions are tracked through your existing data warehouse. Reports are automatically generated in the GrowthBook app though a read-only query of the data sources.

On all reports we expose the SQL for you to examine and extract for further analysis.

Keep control of your data

GrowthBook doesn’t receive or store any personal identifiable information about your users or events. All we need is read-only access to the relevant tables and we pull aggregate data into the reports. We can also do standalone deployments in your infrastructure to maintain complete data privacy.

We support most major data warehouse or data lakes: BigQuery, SnowFlake, Google Analytics, Redshift, Athena, Postgres, etc.

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