GrowthBook for Data Teams

The only experimentation platform built for data teams

GrowthBook is a fully customizable A/B testing platform designed to eliminate the need for manual reporting while giving you full trust in the results.

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Exportable Results

See and export all results and SQL for more exploration, or even export as a Jupyter Notebook!

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Ad-hoc Result Analysis

You can create custom ad-hoc report on any experiment results.

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Self-Service Platform

Data teams can control attributes of metrics to ensure quality while letting others interpret results independently.

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Single Source of Truth

GrowthBook uses your existing data warehouse and allows you to create custom definitions of metrics.

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Trustworthy Statistics

Bayesian statistics engine with support for binomial, count, duration, and revenue metrics

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Add context around metrics and results with full markdown support

Save Time

Results for data teams

You can save hours pulling data and analyzing A/B test results with our powerful metrics library and Bayesian stats engine. You can slice and dice data, view the raw SQL, and even export results to Jupyter notebooks for further analysis!

To ensure constancy, GrowthBook pulls data from the same data sources you use for other reports and tools. You can define attributes of each metric like minimum/maximum change, risk, etc. to help reduce misinterpretations.

Keep control of your data

GrowthBook doesn’t receive or store any personal identifiable information about your users or events. All we need is read-only access to the relevant tables and we pull aggregate data into the reports. We can also do standalone deployments in your infrastructure to maintain complete data privacy.

We support most major data warehouses or data lakes: BigQuery, SnowFlake, Google Analytics, Redshift, Athena, Postgres, etc.

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